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My name is Hildegard Ried and I live in Karlsbad - Langensteinbach in Germany. I am working on the history of our village. I have found many people from this area in Germany who have migrated to America but there is one, Johann Becker, who left Baden/Germany in 1852/53 to go to America and I have not been able to locate him. He was a sympathizer to the revolution here in Baden in 1848/49, therefore he had to leave his homeland. He and his family arrived in New Orleans on March 17. 1852 or 53 on the ship „Old England”. The ship list contains the names listed below. Johann Becker is written „Joan Becker”. And his oldest son Johann Christian is not found on the list. There is no record of a death aboard the ship.

I am writing a book that will include all of the information I have  found regarding the descendants of our village who left their homes to search for a new life in America. I have a special interest in Johann Becker, as I am also a relative of him. I can not find any information about his life and family in America.

Family Becker

Johann Becker, born 1-13-1813 in Langensteinbach
Anna Maria nee Meyer - wife -, born 1-24-1818 in Dietenhausen,
Johann Christian - son - , born 6-26-1836
Christine Carolina - daugther -, born 5-18-1841,
Sofie Marie - daughter -, born 8-05-1841,
Rosine Wilhelmine - daughter -, born 12-3-1846
Ernst Friedrich - son -, born   01-9-1850
Meyer Rosina, nee Vogel, 70 Jahre  Mother of Anna Maria

Now my helper George Plante coudt find in the census-list of 186o the names of the family Becker in Cincinnati/Ohio. And now I’m looking for descendants of our Johann Becker.

George Plante is living in Carlsbad, CA. His email adresse is: George Plante[AT]hotmail. com. You con contact him at Phone: oo1.76o.6o2.o9o6.

My email adresse is: h.ried[AT] My Phone-number: o49.72o2.2o59. But my English is not the best. Better first you shoudt call my relativ in Carlsbad, CA.

In the books “Germans to America 1852/53”  you can find Johann Becker as Joan Becker.

I am also looking for descendants of 5 brothers of my Great-Great-Grandmother who went to New York in  1847 to 1851. I have documents I would like to share regarding these brothers,   and information before their journey to America, and I would like to have information about their lifes and their descendants.

The Wölfel Brothers  all were born in Langensteinbach/Baden

Karl Friedrich, born Sept. 13. 1847 - went to USA in 1848
Friedrich, born May  25. 1822 - went to USA about 1847
Ludwig*, born May  28. 1825 - went to USA in 1849/ died in 1849/YN
Adolf, born  Jan.  06. 1831 - went to USA in 1851
Ernst, born  Dec. 24. 1832 - went to USA in 1841
   * Ludwig was a revolutionary in 1848/1849

You can contact me at 0049/7202/2059. This same number is also my Fax. 

I have a relative, George Plante who lives in Carlsbad, CA.
You can contact him at Phone 001.760.602.0906  or at George_Plante[AT]hotmail. com.

Hildegard Ried 

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